Killer Visual Strategies

Considered ‘One of the Best Marketing & Sales Books of 2020’ By the Prestigious Porchlight Book Awards…

Killer Visual Strategies examines how visual communication has transformed the ways in which brands connect with their customers and colleagues alike.

It looks at the growing audience demand for quality visual content and how organizations must meet this demand or risk being left behind.

Complete with actionable rules to follow for creating high-impact visual content, a deep dive into the brain science the fuels visual communication, and an end-to-end process for developing great content, this book has been hailed as “The world’s most interesting and comprehensive guide to marketing to audiences ever!

Guy Kawasaki

I can think of no book right now that’s more relevant to marketers, designers, and brand leaders!

— Guy Kawasaki
Chief Evangelist of Canva, Renowned Author, Speaker

Winner: Best Book Design of 2020

—Graphic Design USA—

There are good how-to, self-help, and references out there, and then there are KILLER books, and this title floored me. Amy Balliett is Ms. Brilliant. While reading through, I truly lost track of time because the book is so well formatted and visually appealing.

Meg – Amazon Customer

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Amy Balliett has written a compelling, engaging and actionable guide for communicating effectively. The layout of the book is expertly crafted to allow the reader to get to the meat of a specific concept quickly.

Fe – Amazon Customer

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So helpful! I’ve recently been trying to help my sister create content for her side hustle– creating worksheets for her students and to sell. “Killer Visual Strategies” by Amy Balliett was really helpful in helping me to realize that it takes using real tools to create meaningful and beautiful content. We can get away using PowerPoint for now, but at some point we are going to have to invest in ourselves and our company if we want to be successful. Adobe tools, classes and training will help us stand out above the overs.

Florence Chavez – Amazon Customer

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Balliett shares a rich treasure trove of tips and expertise on how to correctly and successfully visualize content, with real examples and relatable storytelling.

RBehr – Amazon Customer

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Impossible to find anyone who knows visual communication better! I imagine even the most experienced professionals will find value. I’ve been in tech marketing for 15 years and I certainly did.

J. Siebert – Amazon Customer

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A fantastic, strategic, insightful, yet simplified guide in a complex industry. I found this book to be the perfect guide for those desiring to become top shelf marketing strategists. This belongs as required reading in any visual communications college curriculum, or as a centerpiece resource for content and brand marketers as far as I’m concerned.

ThePoetMuse – Amazon Customer

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An excellent reference for non-data professionals! A great book for managers working with data and senior leadership who need visuals. Solid recs and a good reference for non data professionals (like me) who find themselves leading data teams.

Michael E Yugo – Amazon Customer

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