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Creative Pro Week AI Roadmap

This week I was honored to present two sessions at CreativePro Week, the how-to conference for creativepros. My first presentation, AI Roadmap, provided a high-level guide of the best AI tools and tips for designers and creatives. As part of this presentation, I provided a print-ready handout for attendees that included the full deck. The deck included a variety of videos, which can be viewed below.

GoDaddy AIro Promo Video:

Designs.AI Video Maker:

Click here to watch.

UIZard Promo Video:

Canvas Sketch to Image AI Video:

Google AutoDraw AI Video:

MidJourney Tour Video:

Photoshop Generative AI Video:

Click here to watch.

Recolor Using Generative AI in Adobe Illustrator Video:

Glaze, AI Poison Video: