How to Create Engaging Social Media Content in the Blink of an Eye

Social media often moves — quite literally — at the speed of light. That’s why it can sometimes feel almost impossible for brands to keep up without sacrificing quality. If you want to actively engage in online conversations, you need that piece of visual content now — not a day from now. 

Luckily, there are a variety of strategies that marketing departments can use to turn around that content faster, without settling for low-quality results. Let’s first explore what a successful visual campaign on social media looks like, then talk about ways to produce successful social content, no matter your budget

Creating a Micronarrative

Every social channel is different. You’ll find unique audience segments on each, and those audiences will expect very different things. For example, Instagram skews toward particular styles of aesthetically pleasing visual content. A more political or topical post — such as a data visualization or a piece of photojournalism — might not fare as well on Instagram as it would on, say, Twitter or Facebook…

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