Creative Pro Design AI Summit Presentation

Recently, I had the immense privilege of being the opening speaker for the Creative Pro Design + AI Summit. My presentation, entitled Your Map to AI Adventure and Exploration, discussed the vast world of creative content design using popular AI tools like Midjourney, Adobe Firefly (and cloud features like Photoshop’s Generative Fill), Uizard, and more. To practice what I preach, I used Midjourney to create every image for this presentation. Below are 3 videos showing this work in action for anyone looking to learn more about generative AI and content design.

Video 1: Adjusting Your Settings in Midjourney

Video 2: Using InPainting in Midjourney and Photoshop’s Generative FIll

Video 3: Using Zoom, Pan, Remix, and Inpainting in Midjourney