How Prioritizing Design Can Triple Your Business Growth

Visual content — from interactive experiences to motion graphics to conference collateral — is the primary driver of the most effective marketing campaigns launched by today’s brands.

At least 85 percent of marketers use visual content, according to marketing publication Social Media Examiner. Yet not all organizations are providing enough support for the kind of high-quality design that engages audiences and inspires them to interact with your brand. 

Marketers are beginning to look ahead to 2020, and what they see is an environment dominated by visual content. Even so, many still struggle to create internal buy-in for their visual content marketing efforts. 

If you’re having trouble convincing your team that quality visual communication design is essential for the success of your company, I’m here to offer proof. A fascinating 2018 report from McKinsey & Company shed light on just how important it is that company leaders buy into and support the goal of quality design — and how this can impact your bottom line. The findings of this study may just help persuade your team to put visual content design first. 

Measuring Design Performance 

In order to determine the impact of design on organizations’ revenue numbers, McKinsey studied the design-related practices of 300 publicly listed companies around the world over a period of five years. These companies hailed from three different industries: retail banking, medical technology, and consumer goods…

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