5 Reasons Your Last Marketing Campaign Flopped

In the rapidly changing landscape of content trends and consumer demand, it can be hard for marketers to ensure their latest campaign is just as innovative and relevant as the last. This holds especially true as new trends and techniques in visual content emerge. Still, there are some fundamental features that every successful visual marketing campaign has. 

But let’s pause for a clarification. What is a visual marketing campaign anyway? Specifically, how is it different from any other marketing campaign? 

If you’re following all of today’s marketing best practices, there effectively is no difference. A great marketing campaign is by necessity visual. 

After all, 91 percent of buyers prefer visual content to traditional, text-based marketing. If that’s not reason enough to make sure every campaign you plan is visually driven, consider the astounding return-on-investment for visual content: Motion graphics can boost conversions by 80 percent, and interactive content boasts a 70 percent conversion rate

Now, no two campaigns are the same. Even within a single company, each campaign has unique goals, and most have a clearly defined target audience in mind. But if you ensure your next visual campaign avoids these five common mistakes, you’ll set yourself up for success in a big way.

1. It focuses on quantity over quality. 

Ten years ago, organizations had discovered just how much visual content like infographics could boost their engagement. Many committed to produce as many as possible, regardless of quality–and for a while, that strategy worked for some…

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