What’s Your Visual Strategy? Here’s How to Create a Goal-Driven Direction for Your Next Campaign

Every successful brand has a clearly defined visual identity outlined in something like a brand book or brand guidelines. In order to be truly useful to your marketing department and your company as a whole, your brand’s visual identity should include a codified system of visual elements that express your brand’s purpose, values, ambitions, characteristics, and promise. 

But how can you actually act on these visual standards? How do you know whether the materials you produce — from conference collateral to social media marketing assets to internal communications — accurately interpret your visual identity? And how do you make sure the content you’re producing is resonating with your specific audience?

The answer lies in how you launch any particular marketing campaign or project. Your first step should be to develop a visual strategy for that campaign. Let’s take a look at what that means, why it’s important, and how you can achieve it. 

Why You Need a Visual Strategy 

With the right visual strategy in place for your campaign and/or your brand as a whole, you’ll never again produce a piece of visual content that portrays your brand or message inaccurately. Instead, each motion graphic, interactive experience, and conference presentation you create will be strategically positioned to achieve particular goals. And with this goal-driven approach, success and returns are just around the corner…

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